Thursday, February 26, 2009

Things will be different.... At least for 40 days.

I gave up facebook for Lent.

It was hard. That's why I knew it was the right choice. Don't get me wrong. I love connecting with old friends from school and jobs I had approximately 100 years ago. I always have and always will love people and find myself attached permanently to anyone who I ever had the pleasure of being with on a daily basis.

But there is someone who I've been neglecting. And I ain't having it no mo'.

For the past two months, our sleep has been a little squirrely, and therefore my schedule/routine has been greatly effected. I used to spend Chloe's first two hour nap with the Lord, but now that can't be counted on to happen. Or sometimes, due to the rough night/lack of sleep - I need to go back to bed.

Here's the rub. I ALWAYS find time for facebook. And as true as my second paragraph is, namely the last sentence, I was WASTING a lot of precious time. I need to sit at Jesus feet every day. I need to focus 100% of my attention on my daughter laughing and playing for a time each day. There will be plenty of time for facebook when she's a teenager and won't have anything to do with me.

So - I've decided to implement a little bloggy accountability. Every day - I will be posting about something that struck me in my Tryst. It might be the meaty posts you have come to expect here, or it may be as simple as a Proverb to Ponder. But I am vowing, at the very least - for the next 40 days, to get back to The Trysting Place, daily. My hope is that after 40 days, it will be a habit that will be very hard to break.


~jen~ said...

good for you!!!
Honey, it was hard for me to leave faceback back on January 10th (or was it 11th?), LOL....BUT...I don't look back! I haven't looked back! Seriously...can I tell you how much of a time waster that site is?!?! Oh my gosh...the things I can get done in a day now! hahahah :) Instead of reading about other people's lives...I actually LIVE A LIFE and engage in other's lives. It's won't miss it too terribly once the first two weeks are over. Then you won't want to go back.
Did you deactivate the account or are you going to try not to look at it? You can deactivate and then activate when you are ready to come don't lose any information. :)

P.S. I gave up webkinz for Lent (I'm a freak, I know). I know that sounds silly...but I love playing the games on there and at night I would play for an hour (or maybe longer)...with the kids...with just I feel that was a good one to give up to allow myself more God time. :)

Rina said...

This is really powerful, and really timely. I've been feeling I spend too much time on the computer lately, too.