Saturday, May 2, 2009

I have an idea...

I've been going through some of my favorite books, looking for inspiring quotes and nuggets of wisdom.  Whenever I read a book, I keep a pen handy, and underline things that:

  • Speak to me.
  • Inspire me.
  • I want to implement in my life.
  • I want to remember.
  • I want to share with others.

You get the idea...  

I also always take notes at church or conferences, anywhere that I may have some wisdom imparted upon me...  When I was pregnant, I went through all of my church notes and journals, and typed out a list of things I wanted to remember while in labor.  

Have I ever mentioned that I had my daughter at home?  Since pain meds aren't an option here, smack dab in the Middle of Nowhere, MI - I wanted to have some truth to meditate on in the event I started cursing the day I ever hatched the plan to stay home to birth my baby.  That moment never came and I was much too busy pushing a stubborn little (if you can call a 9 lb. girl little...) girl out for FIVE HOURS to have time for reading or anything else.  But I'm happy to have gone back through the years of teaching, study and whathaveyou, nonetheless...  Plus it kept me occupied while I waited for a week past my due date for the little darling to make her grand entrance...

I digress.  

It occurred to me as I came across quote after quote that I want to remember, that it might be beneficial to select some of my favorites and share them with you.  Then I can seem all smart and wise when I then expound on it and add my own commentary.

Or not.

But at least I'll have something to write about.

I would really like to start writing every day, or at least most days, and I thought this might be a good way to get the juices flowing.

I'll start on Monday.  See you then!


Christa said...

I'm looking forward to this!

btw, I saw the books you recommend. I'm in a Beth Moore bible study right now. I am just finishing Battlefield of the Mind, and I just bought Captivating. What a cool coincidence! Wish you weren't so far away, we could have a book club!

Rina said...

I try to do the same thing over on my blog, but on Thursday's. I haven't done it recently (things have been soooo crazy around here - you may have noticed by my lack of comments lately!) I'd love to link up to your posts when I do mine on Thursday, if you wouldn't mind?