Friday, November 7, 2008


Another huge piece in hearing God's voice is surrender. God's ultimate goal in our lives is to be on the throne.... and He don't share. If ANYTHING else is perched up there, He can't be.

I've noticed that when we hold on to anything too tightly, it separates us from God. It clouds our judgment, it deadens our ability to hear and it certainly impacts our ability to trust what we do hear. When we are ready to truly surrender our lives, agendas and expectations, God says "What's in your hand?" And trust me there is always something in our hand. In my case, and I'm sure I'm not alone here, not only is there something in my hand, but my hand is CLENCHED around it and the thing is covered in super glue. Anyone?

The finger prying process is not a pleasant one.

The other thing I've noticed, not only in my own scenarios, but in many of those of the people closest to me, it's RARELY about the actual thing. Right? It's so much more about the grip we have on the thing. The throne that the thing is on, whether we knew it or not, or put it there intentionally or not. Kind of like when you lose something and joke that it must have grew legs and walked away, except in this case - the thing sprouted legs and strutted itself up onto the throne when you weren't looking. One day you just realize and you're like -what?? How did that get there? ugh.

I digress. Finger prying.

It goes something like this....

Something comes up. I sense it's bigger than what I realize and over time, God begins to show me that we have a problem. Usually someone else says - I think this might be a problem. To which I usually respond in an utterly clueless fashion, quickly followed by self-defense. Then when God confirms it, I'm like, uh-oh. I think you might be right. Then I start to deconstruct it, then I get more confirmation. I'm usually 1)Horrified and disgusted by this ridiculous blind spot, that you would THINK I would start craning my neck around to check occasionally. 2)Totally frustrated by the enemy's unending pursuit. 3)Determined to make it right.

Commence finger prying.

It could be a thing, a situation, an idea or even a relationship. Ultimately, it's anything that we hold onto so tightly. Why do I hold on to it? Or as a good friend always asks me - "What does it give you?" When I realize that it gives me my worth, value and security - I want it out of my hand as much as God does. The sneaky sneaky thing the enemy does, is dupes us into believing that anything other than God determines our worth.

I feel like I'm spider webbing something fierce. Try to stay with me and I'll try to get to the point...

I said earlier, it's rarely about the thing. Time and time again, I've found when I just surrender the thing, God usually lets me keep it. Hardly ever does He set it on fire and through it out the window. It's always about my heart, and His refusal to allow me to settle for a golden statue of whatever.

This was my most recent revelation. It's idolatry. When the thing is more important to me than what God wants to teach me, it's idolatry. When the circumstances are more important to me than the joy that is available to me in plenty and in want, that's idolatry. When I think I have it all figured out, or that it's even up to me to figure it out. Idolatry. When the thought of losing the thing strikes fear in my heart, I have a serious problem with idolatry.

God says, things are fine. But when they are your hope and your security, that is an entirely different issue and one that has to be handled immediately.

He is always after our ultimate good and His ultimate glory. ANYTHING that threatens those, is going down.

When faced with the choice of surrender or idolatry, it's really a no brainer. The important thing to remember, is you can't see your blind spot unless you make a conscious effort to turn and twist around and look over your shoulder. If that was easy, it wouldn't be an issue. Do the hard thing. Be vigilant. Most importantly, be listening. He longs to show us and help us. I can guarantee you if Abraham had decided to take Isaac and hide in a cave, the story would have had a different ending. What will you lay on the alter today?


Jill said...


I just wanted to say thank you for following along on my blog.

I just read your most recent posts and wanted to encourage you to keep writing.

I have written on the very same topics and share about them often because too many of us Christians don't continue on the pursuit of asking, knocking and most certainly not seeking! Many have never surrendered and can't imagine why they would.

Our body is hurting and Christ is calling us to wake up because the enemy is very busy lulling us to sleep. Without seeking Him we too will be pulled far enough away to not recognize the tragic! That is why I love God's warning - work out your salvation with fear and trembling! AMEN!

Blessings to you!

Emily J said...

i love your spider webs and laughed out loud alot about God not setting things on fire and throwing them out the window HA! -You read Amelia Badelia growing up didn't you?!

Rache, I cannot wait to see you and talk, talk talk talk talk on Saturday. I feel like I'm running to a finish line.

I need to surrender my new dream "before it grows legs". We're using that from now on BTW.